Nobody knows what will the future bring
but everybody should be prepared for it

Firearms are both fun, sport or may be a tool for defending yourself or those you love. However, they are shrouded in secrecy and fear. Let Us guide you safely trough the experience in handling Firearms of all shapes and sizes so you can decide on what do Guns mean to you.

What do we Do?

Our main Aim is to lift the shroud of secrecy and fear from Firearms and the Gun Culture. Our sessions are not limited to anyone (except of Zombies of course) and we want to give comprehensive information to everybody in a Safe and Fun Environment (SaFE). Being suitable for both those who have no experience with guns, aswell as those who are adequately tacticool.

Join us and experience something that is on one hand Fun&Safe and on the other, can save your life...

Who we are?

All the Members of Blackout Academy are ordinary people who are involved with the gun culture as their way of life. We view guns as tools to keep our freedom and the safety of those dear to us. We uphold the values of a free and responsive society bearing arms as the final tool to resist evil (mostly Zombies).

Why do Attend?

Our training sessions (either 4 hours or a complete day) do NOT require any firearms license, neither prior Firearms experience. During the session, you will be personally supervised so the key concepts of SaFE is upheld. We tailor every step of your experience to your capabilities. We also guarantee progress and novel exercises if you attend more than one session. Our arsenal is filled with various sizes and shapes of guns, ranging from historic workhorses up to the most advanced rifles produced

You learn how to employ all of the following firearms - Glock and other pistols
SMGs - Scorpion Evo 3, Kriss Vector
rifles - V-AR15, SA58, G36
Shotguns - Remington 887
(sniper) Rifles - Mossin Nagant, M14
and there is always something special in store

Knowledge is power

Guns are like condoms, if you need one and do NOT have it ... it is just a sad story.

  • Requirements

    You do NOT need any Firearms related permit, only an ID card

  • Duration

    Our sessions take either 4 hours or a complete day (a double session).

  • Costs

    Every session is priced at 1690,- CZK (65,- Euro) per person

  • Pictures to remember

    We provide you with a profesional photografer and provide you with pictures and videos to remeber your experience

  • Location

    Our Training Sessions are conducted 20 minutes drive from Prague (Czech Republic)

  • Contact

    Phone: 00420 603 955 058

Prepare for the Future

...and let the Zombies come...